2018 Tactical Hydration Pack Comparison Chart

Wondering which tactical backpack or hydration pack to buy? Wonder no more! Now, use this simple comparison chart to compare backpacks by size, price, rating, special features and more…

Tactical Packs Price (approx) Rating 1-5 Cargo Size/Volume Bladder Included? Bladder Size Notes & Special Features
Monkey Paks “Big Monkey”
Monkey Paks Big Monkey Tactical Bag
$60-$70 4.4 20″H x 12″W x 5.5″D Yes 2.5L Pack includes 2 detachable side pouches and detachable fannypack that can be used separately. Plus, you get a BPA-free bladder. 5 color options.
Camelbak Ambush
Camelbak Ambush Tactical Hydration Backpack
$90-$100 4.7 16″H x 10″W x 6″D Yes 3L Bag features form-fitting design and comfortable straps with a secure fit. 2 color options.
Condor Hydration Carrier
Condor Hydration Carrier Tactical Pack
$35-$60 4.4 15.5″H x 6.5″W x 3″D No Fits 3L Features large top opening and removable shoulder straps. However, pack has no smaller compartments and limited storage. 2 camo pattern options.
Exos Tactical Backpack
Exos Tactical Backpack
$45-$60 4.5 18.5″T x 14″D x 11″W no Fits 3L Get 5 zippered compartments with lots of storage space. Plus, you can carry a 15″ laptop. Has ventilated mesh back padding. 4 color options
Wasing Hydration Pack
Wasing Tactical Hydration Pack
$30-$40 4.4 19″H x 9″w Yes 3L Features ventilated mesh back padding, plus sternum and waist straps. BPA-free bladder. 5 color options.
Lancer Tactical Backpack
Lancer Tactical Backpack
$18-$22 4.4 14″H x 9″W No Fits 3L This low-cost, basic tactical backpack is also conveniently lightweight. In addition, it has both sternum and waist straps. 4 color options.
Unigear Hydration Pack
Unigear Tactical Pack with Hydration
$40-$80 4.4 19″H x 10″W x 1.5″D Yes 2.5L Pack features a compact design. Back has ergonomic foam pad, plus chest and waist strap. In addition, strap includes emergency whistle buckle. BPA-free bladder. 4 color options.

Tactical Hydration Pack Notes:

1. Typically, backpacks are made of strong and durable (and budget-friendly) 600 Denier nylon or polyester. In addition, all packs include sturdy molle straps for attaching extra pouches, gear or equipment.

2. Tactical backpacks that do not include water reservoirs (bladders) are equipped for them. Therefore, you just need to purchase them separately or use a bladder that you already have.